Difference Between Monocular and Binocular Microscope

Talking about Monocular and Binocular both are the optical instrument that is used to magnify and view the distant objects. Both are used for the same purpose but both have different features.Binocular vs Monocular

Before you pick one of them here, I discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both instruments. And make it easier to pick which instruments are best for you.

One Eye or Two eyes:

One of the most difference between Monocular and binocular is the look and the way to use them. Binocular has two lenses and hold the device in front of your eyes and look at the object easily. And for long period Binocular are easy to use. Monocular are look like telescopes. They have a single lens and you decided which eye to use for monocular. They are not used for a long period. If you are a hunter and viewing object for a long period of time. Binoculars are best for you because they are easy to use and both lenses help you to find the object.


Viewing and Quality:

Monocular gives you the better and magnified view experience. You may find a bit flat compared the view you get from binoculars. But you get advantages from binoculars because they have 2 lenses and give you three-dimensional view, overall depth and distance than with monocular. You have adjusted both lenses individually to get better focused at the same time. But in monocular you have only one lens and not adjustable.


Size and Weight:

Monocular is smaller than a binocular and take easily in your pocket and carry with you. Binocular is a little bit big and heavier than monocular. And you won’t carry them all the time with you without proper planning and binocular takes more space.


What Is The Difference Between A Monocular And Binocular Depth Cue?

Binocular cues included disparity, eye convergence, stereopsis and yielding depth from binocular vision through the exploitation of parallax.

But in  Monocular cues included size, motion parallax and distant objects subtend smaller visual angles than near objects.


Now let’s talk about what’s the purpose you are using Binocular or monocular. If you are bird watcher, see gaming animal, on a boat or see girls on a beach. It’s up to you but in my opinion, the binoculars are best. Because of its wide field of view and two lenses.

Now talking about which optical are cheap. In my opinion, If you are buying a product you chose best for you because if you are investing some money for binocular or monocular you see about the qualities. If you are a hunter or bird watcher binoculars is best for you.

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