Best shoes for long jump in 2020 (Buyer Guide, March Updated)

 Want to win a game?, you need the best shoes for jumping


If you want to be a winner of long jump game. You want Best shoes for long jump. A lot of time beginner does not wear the right shoes for long jump and loss the match. Firstly, we are looking for the best shoes for long jump and why it’s important to wear those shoes. So here is some pick for your long jumping game.

1. Adidas Unisex Performance Adizero HJ shoes :Best shoes for long jump


Take your skills into the next level Adidas Unisex is the best shoes for long jump. This model is designed for high jumpers and highly recommended for high school. Synthetic upper for breathability and lightweight.

It has also reinforcement material up near those toes. Lacing system running all the way of front who lock everything nice and tight this shoes. It has a really cool design at the toe. And a thick layer of EVA midsole is designed for cushioning needs of high. EVA is super lightweight but still super sharp absorbing keep your feet energize.

It has sharp skin texture running around the back the help you to dig in deep with his 7 spikes. Inside in good breathability, comfort and increased durability in the high-tension area.  It’s also available in three different colors. This pair of Adidas is designed with sharkskin outsole for uncompromising grip. I surely say that these are the best shoes for long jump

Why we like it
  • EVA Midsole
  • Synthetic Upper
  • Lightweight
  • Rubber Sole



2.Adidas Performance Adizero Javelin shoes :Best shoes for long jump

These Javelin long jump shoes definitely help you to take your game to a whole new level. It has a textile mesh back around the heel give excellent breathability with a supportive synthetic forefoot in the front. Its gonna reinforces and have good durability up there.

A lace-up system run up the front here with there with a super strong strap which keeps everything tight and locks which is important. It also EVA midsole and lightweight cushioning for feel nice and energized.

At the very bottom of these shoes is sharp skin texture outsole with 11 holes of spikes to help you to dig in deep. This shoe gives you maximum stability and support but also gives you a lot of lightweights. Javelin gives you the PRO-Model which is to control the motion in your step as well in the jump shoes.

Why we like it
  • Super Strong Strap
  • EVA Midsole
  • Excellent Breathability
  • Carbon rubber toe cap for protection Synthetic sole



3.PUMA Men's TFX Sprint V4 Track And Field shoes :Best shoes for long jump

Puma TFX is extremely lightweight. The upper is made with microfiber material. It has a really cool design with Puma name and logo. Traditional lacing system runs up the front.

It’s pretty good padding on the collar and keeping everything’s is super lightweight. Its also have an EVA midsole giving you added cushioning without when the shoe down.

In the back, it has sharp skin heel for that protection where you needed. And also have 8 pin spikes configuration. Lace them up and experience like you never have before. This is the best shoes for long jump and I would highly be recommended.

Why we like it
  • Micro Fiber material
  • EVA midsole
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft measures approximately Low-Top” from arch



4.Reebok Twistform Blaze 2.0 for long jump :Best shoes for long jump

These pair are the best shoe for long jump because of its mesh upper. It’s very breathable and synthetic overlays on top of that with amazing durability.

It’s really comfortable lining inside and lots of cushioning in their footbed and really shock absorbing and comfortable and feet feeling energized. These shoes are comfortable and feet protected from the start of your run to its finish

The midsole is shock-absorbing and flexible design keeps their foot moving. These pairs of shoes making them a great choice for all kind of runners and athlete. And these shoes are also for Tennis Players. If you want Best tennis shoes for you or your friends and family. And i think these are the best shoes for long jump

Why we like it
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Synthetic and mesh upper
  • Low-cut design
  • Memory foam sockliner



5.Adidas Men's sprintstar Track :Best shoes for long jump

This pair of Long jump shoe is made of mesh, synthetic material and reinforced mesh upper. It can really help to holds the foot securely.  This pair of shoes is lightweight and breathable. It also has a logo on both sides of shoes and lace-up closure provide the snug fit.

The collar is also nicely added and inside in the cushioning textile footbed which is so comfortable. And the buyers are happy about this shoe for long jumping and running. The Sprintstar mesh is very breathable so the foot is not overheated.

The sprintstar has great traction. The midsole is thin which allows bending foot easily for your warm-up exercise. Soft collar reduces the ankle. And I think Sprint is good for your long jumping. And these are the best shoes for long jump.

Why we like it
  • 100% Man Made
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Designed for efficient power and technical sprinters



Buyer Guide and Exercise for Beginners jump :

How to improve your long jump technique?

The long jump is divided into four components:

1: Run up:

The most important thing is consistency. We will be able to be in the same place on the board every time you run down. The most important thing is speed. If we accelerate from the first point to the end point which is the board and your speed must be greatest out the board so it’s a gradual increase in momentum in a jump.

2: Take off:

In the take-off is the most important is you are on the board. Just before this point, you go throw to the amortization phase. We have a slight sink out up of the hips and this allows you to the power-speed run up into the take-off. At this point, you have to try your free knee or non-take off leg throw and forward which helps change the momentum from horizontal to vertical.

3: Fly:

In the fly, peoples have different technique air. These include the hang where you hold in the hang position in the air.

The sail where you literally throw the air hips first. And the hitch kick which looks like running motion throws the air. This phase is probably the least important technique wise because shortly in the air and you just maintain as much time as you can.

4: Landing:

The landing phase is crucial. We shouldn’t gain up to a half meter to a meter on this. This is where your leg Shu comes in. So, where you pull the heels up you bring the head down towards the knees and then pulls the body in towards the knees as you hit the sand. This is one of the most important parts where you can win or lose the long jump.


Long jump exercise for beginners for jump:

Dynamic stretches:

It is ideal as the core of the warm-up routine. Each stretch must be repeated for two set and each set should have 10 raps each.

1. Dynamic Lunge:

Stand with your feet shoulder with the path and take a deep lunging step forward place your hand on the leading Thai support and drop into a deep lunge. Push forward throw the hips to increase the stretch in the hip flexile, Hamstrings and quads. Keep your chest lifted, back straight and head looking forward. Go nice and slow to really emphasize the stretch. Repeat with the opposite leg.

2. Standing Knee Tuck:

This helps to stretch out your gloudes and hamstrings. Focus on bringing the knee cap into the chest by hugging your shin while stepping on your toes with your opposite foot. This will give you better leverage. Alternate each leg while walking forward.

3. Quad Stretch:

Take a step forward with your left foot. Pick-up your right foot and bring it to your back up. Reach back grab hold of the foot and bend forward to touch your toe with the other hand. Return your foot to the ground and step forward and repeat with other foot. Breathe in while touching your toes and breathe out while coming back up.

Now after the stretches lets move on warm-up exercises  for long jump.


1. Jumping jacks:

This is the great full body exercise and it is good for cardiovascular and strengthening. Stand with your feet together and your hands by your side. In one motion jump your feet out to the side and raise your arms above your head. The arm should be slightly bent throughout the entire in air moment.

Your feet should land shoulder with a wider as your hand meets above your head. Breathe in while jumping up and breathe out while jumping down.

2. Tuck Jumps:

One of the most effective paleoyuo metric exercises that can be used to improve the agility and strength of your body in the lower part in particular. Begins the exercise by standing your legs shoulder with the path and keeping the spine as straight as possible while leaning slightly forward. Try to touch your chest and then your shoulder with a knee.

Start by touching your shoulder first then your chest. Breathe in while touching the shoulder with the jump and breathe out when touching the chest.

3. Jump Lunges:

This is another paleoyuo metric exercise for warming up the lower body. With your hands on your side or behind your head. Start with one foot in standard forward and one behind. Drops your hips forward and with force jump into the air.

While you are in the air switch your leg so that your forward leg is behind you and in back leg is in front of you. Breathe in while jumping up and breathe out when jumping down.


After your Long jump Thing need to be Know for long jump?

Count your steps with your dominant foot place at the center of the jumping board. Since that is the way you want to jump from and measures of at about 6 or 7 steps. Mark the place where you land and make your mark is easy to see then get into position and run down the track.

Do I need Different spikes with different Running events?

It depends on how serious you about those running events. It's best to have a specialized spike for each event. And the majority of sportsman gives their best in the games that's why for different event spikes is must.


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